Corporate Logo Branded Cupcakes

Cakes handmade with love.

Do you remember the company that gave you a pen or a magnet at that last event? Chances are you didn’t even look at the name, you certainly didn’t show your colleagues, tell them to visit the stand or take a photo of it.. but if they had given you a cake I bet you would have done just that!! Think about it for a second. If you want to be remembered, say it with cake 😀 Branded logo corporate cupcakes… contact me TODAY and be remembered.

Food photos travel faster on social media than many other images and that makes my custom made corporate cupcakes the perfect way to get your business name and logo seen by more potential clients. Contact me for details and orders

Whether you want to say ‘Thank You’ to your clients, wish your customers well in their new home or car, introduce your business with impact or simply say ‘hi’ corporate branded logo cupcakes are the best way to be remembered.